Special Precautions Crane Operators Take To Keep Everyone Safe

A crane operator does all kinds of hoisting services and construction- or demolition-related jobs. In the course of his or her work, there is great potential for harm. Because the crane operator and/or his/her construction boss could be sued for these damages and injuries, the crane operator takes certain special precautions to keep everyone safe. If you need to hire a crane operator for any one reason, you should know what these precautions are.

Why You Should Request Post Tensioning When You Install Your Driveway

There are many ways to reinforce concrete. For the most part, contractors like to use specific methods based on the size of the concrete project. Extremely large slabs of concrete for commercial buildings are often reinforced using the post tension method. While this method may not be used for most concrete driveway projects, you may want to request it from your concrete contractor anyway. Here is why: Post Tensioning Your Concrete Driveway Prevents Early Replacement

Hydraulic Equipment Repair And Restoration

When you have a piece of equipment that runs on hydraulic power, understanding the parts of the system and how they all work are critical to making repairs or restoring it back to new condition if it has been damaged. In some situations, parts may not be available or there may be a way to repair the parts in the system cheaper than replacing them. Determining What Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

Worried About Cyber-Attacks? How To Protect Your Power Grid

There was a time when US energy was safe and secure. However, now that power grids are computerized, and cyber-attacks are an ever-present risk, you can't take chances with security. One well-planned and carefully implemented cyber-attack could wipe out your entire power grid. That's why it's imperative that you take all the preventative measures you can to ensure the security of your power grid. Here are four steps you can take to ward off catastrophic cyber-attacks on your industrial power grid:

3 Problems Homeowners Face With Concrete Septic Tanks

Homeowners that rely on septic systems have more maintenance to worry about. If you have an older home with a concrete septic system, the tank may be made of concrete. Old concrete septic systems can have problems such as the baffles inside the tank degrading or the tank leaking. Here are a few of the most common problems with concrete septic tanks that you may have to deal with: 1. Degrading Concrete Baffles Inside Your Septic Tank