Is Your Crane Misbehaving? 4 Signs You Need Crane Services

Regardless of the amount of workload you put on your crane, you need to maintain and repair it when necessary. Timely crane services guarantee optimum performance and ensure safety within your construction site. It takes a few malfunctioning components in your crane to wreak havoc on your facility.

How do you tell that it's time to schedule a crane repair service? Take a look at some clear telltale signs that show your crane needs to be fixed immediately. 

1. Visible Rust on Critical Components 

Ignored, rust can affect your crane's performance. It could reduce your equipment's ability to support or lift tons of load. Rust on moving joints, bearings, and springs can render your crane immobile. 

A simple problem such as a corroded bolt could mean the difference between stalling your construction operations and yielding your target output. If you notice even the slightest sign of rust on your crane, turn to the experts for repairs. Rust may also indicate other underlying issues affecting the internal components. 

2. Worn Out Pads 

Outrigger and stabilizer pads are common components of a crane intended to absorb shock when the machine is in motion. These pads make crane operation easier. Due to their frequent use, these pads tend to wear out quicker than other parts. 

If you notice your crane trembles or loses grip abnormally, this could indicate you have worn-out pads. Pay attention to unusual noises and schedule your crane for repair. 

3. Faulty Hooks

Defective hooks can cause a disaster in your construction facility. They are the machine components that hold on to the load and ensure it gets to its designed location. Over time, as the hooks are subjected to heavy loads, they may bend or get damaged. 

Before you attach another load to your crane and risk sending it down on property or people, inspect it for fault. It is also advisable to schedule repair services to fix or replace damaged hooks. 

4. Loose Components 

If your component has visible loose or broken parts, it's enough reason to take it to the experts for a repair. Anything in a crane can get loose regardless of its size or complexity. Often, small and hidden parts can go unnoticed when damaged or loose. 

It's essential to pay attention to unusual noises such as screeching sounds when the crane is in motion. Small pieces of broken parts also indicate that something is amiss. 

Do you suspect your crane needs repair services? Timely crane services prevent further damage to the equipment and ensure safety in the worksite. If you have noticed any of these signs, it's time to make that call. 

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