Crane Rentals For Multistory Building Construction

Building construction requires the use of several types of equipment to get the job done right. For example, constructing a multistory building is almost impossible without the use of a crane. The reason is that a crane makes it easier to navigate between constructing each floor, including bringing up various construction materials. If you have decided to work on your first building construction project with minimal help from other people, you need access to a crane. Unless you are planning to take on similar building construction projects in the future, renting a crane is better than buying one.

Will a Site Inspection Be Necessary?

You should call a crane rental company to find out if a site inspection is needed to rent a crane. A site inspection is usually performed to assist with choosing the most ideal crane for the job at hand. Site inspections are also useful for getting a specific price quote, rather than getting a general quote over the phone. For example, if you do not know which type of crane is needed for your project, you can ask for quotes on multiple crane types over the phone. A rental company can also help with choosing a crane without performing a site inspection in some cases, such as if you provide a few pieces of information about your project.

Is there a Minimum Time for a Crane Rental?

There might be crane rental time limits that are in place by a rental company. For example, a time limit might be set at having the rent the crane for a minimum of a couple of hours. The reason for time limits is to ensure that the rental company is making a fair profit by allowing customers to rent cranes. Keep in mind that whether time limits are in place or not is solely up to each crane rental company. Even if there are time limits in place, you will likely need the crane for up to the minimum limit or longer anyway.

Does a Crane Rental Come with an Operator?

Whether an operator is included with a crane rental depends on the rental company. Sometimes operators can be hired for an additional fee, which is worth investing in if you cannot operate a crane. If you rent more than one crane for your multistory building construction project, it might be possible to hire multiple operators. Find out if an operator can be hired by contacting a crane rental company.