What To Look For In A Used Concrete Pump

A concrete pump is a heavy machinery equipment tool that transfers concrete in liquid form from one destination to another. Common uses for concrete pumps include spreading large quantities of concrete for driveways, sidewalks, or building foundations.

A concrete pump can be expensive when purchased new, but you can buy a used model for your construction business at a much cheaper rate. When looking for concrete pumps for sale with companies like Ainsworth International LLC, seek the following qualities in used models so you get a great deal and a piece of equipment that will last.

Hours of Use

When it comes to heavy equipment, a machine isn't judged by its actual age as far as use, it's just by how many hours the machine has been in operation. Most heavy machinery equipment pieces have an hour gauge that tells the owner how often the machine is used. The more hours a machine has on it, the more natural wear and tear it is likely to have.

Excess hours on a machine may be indicative of how physically old the unit is, so try to buy a used concrete pump that not only is relatively new but has few hours of operation on it as well. It's better to buy an older machine with less activity than a newer model that has many hours on it.

Overall condition

A concrete pump should be free of leaks, rust, and other issues that are outside of normal wear and tear. It's OK to buy a used concrete pump that has been dented or scratched or has fading paint as long as the unit still operates as it should. Do not buy a concrete pump that has been left out in the elements or has no guarantee of working. Always test a concrete pump prior to purchasing it.

Cost compared to new

The main reason for buying a used piece of machinery is to save money. Since heavy equipment depreciates with time, you don't want to invest in an older unit that costs nearly as much as a newer counterpart. Compare the costs of a used model you are considering to a newer machine to make sure you are actually saving money.

You should also know the used versus new cost of a used concrete pump so you can effectively haggle a fair price with your used machinery seller. A fair seller will give you a deal on your used concrete pump that is beneficial for everyone.