Why You Should Request Post Tensioning When You Install Your Driveway

There are many ways to reinforce concrete. For the most part, contractors like to use specific methods based on the size of the concrete project. Extremely large slabs of concrete for commercial buildings are often reinforced using the post tension method. While this method may not be used for most concrete driveway projects, you may want to request it from your concrete contractor anyway. Here is why:

Post Tensioning Your Concrete Driveway Prevents Early Replacement

Post-tensioning your driveway prevents the concrete from breaking down too soon and requiring a replacement job. By applying this technique now, you can keep the driveway you have, as is, for several years to come. Otherwise, you may find that your driveway cannot take as much traffic for more than a few decades. 

It Will Save You a Ton of Money in the Long Run

Have you ever seen commercial buildings needing foundation replacements? You could live in the same city for fifty-plus years and never see these buildings undergo a foundation overhaul. That is because the foundations are poured using post-tension techniques.

The businesses that own these buildings avoid the hassle and the major expense of replacing the foundations by making sure the post tension technique applies enough stress to the concrete slab foundation before the rest of the building is constructed over the top. Since your initial investment in a concrete driveway may seem pricey enough, you probably do not want to repeat that expense for as long as you own the property. Post-tensioning your concrete driveway can do that.

It Makes Concrete Patch Jobs a Lot Easier

Jump ahead about thirty or forty years into the future. Let's say that your driveway now needs a section replaced because of a large crack. The contractor can pull out a portable concrete saw (which may be a laser by then, given the number of lasers entering various markets that use cutting tools), and slice right along the sides of the steel posts that had originally made up the post tension grid in the concrete floor.

It makes a very clean cut and helps to remove the damaged section easier. Now, this hypothetic and futuristic concrete contractor only has to pour fresh concrete in the spot where the missing section used to be. It is a smooth and simple repair and restoration process that does not tear up the entire driveway.

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