Worried About Cyber-Attacks? How To Protect Your Power Grid

There was a time when US energy was safe and secure. However, now that power grids are computerized, and cyber-attacks are an ever-present risk, you can't take chances with security. One well-planned and carefully implemented cyber-attack could wipe out your entire power grid. That's why it's imperative that you take all the preventative measures you can to ensure the security of your power grid. Here are four steps you can take to ward off catastrophic cyber-attacks on your industrial power grid:

Focus on the Risk

When you're working to protect your power grid, you've got to balance two things; your risk of an attack, and your specific business environment. That means you need your IT department to monitor the data surrounding your particular business dealings and assess your risk of attack based on that data. Once you've assessed the risk, you need to be prepared to implement changes to protect your power grid from hacks and cyber-attacks.

Share Your Cyber-Risk Information

If your power grid has fallen prey to cyber-attack risks, you need to be willing to share those risks with others. Sharing risk information will allow you, and other industrial companies with power grids to work together towards a common good; that being to prevent future attacks on the grid. After all, the attack on one grid outs all other industrial grids at risk for attack. Not only that, but sharing information allows everyone to identify, and detect anomalies that could indicate an impending attack. Early warning and detection is one way to prevent attacks from happening.

Be Diligent in Your Monitoring

Once you've developed your monitoring system, and identified your risks, you need to be diligent in your monitoring practices. Maintaining a level of constant monitoring and surveillance will ensure that you detect threats with enough time to act. Immediate action to prevent the attack is better than reacting once the attack has occurred.

Run Emergency Response Drills

One of the best ways to prepare for a potential cyber-attack against your power grid is to run emergency response drills. Like fire drills and other emergency drills, emergency response drills allow you gain real-time experience dealing with a potential cyber-attack. Not only will you and your employees gain the experience you need, but you'll also be able to identify potential shortcomings in the training your team has received. Be sure to conduct emergency response drills several times a year, to ensure that you and your team are prepared should a cyber-attack occur.

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