3 Problems Homeowners Face With Concrete Septic Tanks

Homeowners that rely on septic systems have more maintenance to worry about. If you have an older home with a concrete septic system, the tank may be made of concrete. Old concrete septic systems can have problems such as the baffles inside the tank degrading or the tank leaking. Here are a few of the most common problems with concrete septic tanks that you may have to deal with:

1. Degrading Concrete Baffles Inside Your Septic Tank

Inside your concrete septic tank are concrete baffles, which are separators that divide different areas of the tank. With constant exposure to the waste in the tank, the baffles often begin to degrade. These may be only partially degraded or in some cases the baffles have completely disappeared from the tank. When there is a problem with the baffles inside the tank, they can often be repaired or replaced. When repairing the baffles, talk with the contractor about a sealant or liner for the inside of the tank to prevent these problems from happening.

2. Cracking Concrete Tanks That Begin to Leak

Concrete septic tanks also have problems with cracks over time. As the tank becomes aged, the aging concrete may crack and begin to leak into the soil around it. To prevent the problem from getting worse, any cracks can be sealed to stop the leaks. This is also important to protect the structure of the septic tank. To give the tank further protection against leaks and prevent further wear of the concrete, talk with the septic tank repair contractor about installing a liner inside the tank, which will protect concrete from exposure to the waste.

3. Structural Failure of Concrete Tanks and Damaged Lids

Structural failures with concrete septic systems are the most series problems with these old systems. If the structure of your septic tank is failing, it is a danger and the best solution is to have the tank completely replaced. In addition, the tops of old concrete tanks can also fail and are a danger. Talk with a septic system installation contractor about options for new tanks and whether you will need to have a new drain field installed. Modern polyurethane tanks are durable and do not have the problems that you have with your old concrete tank.

The old concrete septic system you have installed for your home may be the cause of different plumbing problems. Contact a hoisting service, such as Agin Crane Service, to help with the removal of an old septic system after it has been replaced with a modern tank.