Buying Equipment For Your Construction Company

If you are in the construction business and need equipment to use on the job site, it might be cheaper when you're first starting out to rent a few pieces as you need them but as the company grows you are going to want to have equipment on hand for many jobs, some of which you might not have considered using equipment for when you didn't have it. There are a lot of options for buying equipment and while new is nice, sometimes used machines are just as good and much cheaper to buy outright.

Purchasing Machines

If you are in a position to buy brand new machines, working with a dealer to get the construction equipment you need is the best way to go. Let them know what you want to do with the equipment and they can make suggestions to help you choose the right models and the right size machines for the job you will be doing with them. The dealer can often help you with financing your machines and in many cases, they will ever train you in the use of them if you need it. If you are buying several machines at the same time, you might even be able to get a better price. Talk to the dealer and see what they can do for you.

Leasing Your Equipment

Another option to get new equipment is to lease it over a specified term. The upside here is that you get new equipment and if you specify a term that falls within the working life of the machine, you could be trading it in about the time it is aging out or becoming too old to make it worth repairing. Once the equipment is returned, you can start over with a new machine and a new lease to get you back into new, serviceable equipment.  Check with the dealer to see what they can offer you on lease terms.

Purchasing Good Used Machines

If you are in the market for used machinery, talk to the deal about what they can offer you. Some dealers will hold onto used equipment that was traded in when it was replaced. Just because it is not used does not mean that it isn't good. It may have been replaced because the owner needs something bigger or different for the job they were doing. If the machine has been inspected by a mechanic and deemed to be in good condition, it might be just the thing to get you started in owning rather than renting equipment.

Auctions and Sales

It is common to see large equipment auctions and sales where you can buy the machines you need cheaper than a dealer but keep in mind, you don't have any real knowledge about the machine or what it has been put through so you are buying blind.